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VCL is a new diagnostic imaging service specialising in the cardiovascular system which provides direct access to both clinicians and patients.

VVCL HeartScan CAC.

VCL HeartScan CAC

A VCL HeartScan CAC assesses your CT coronary calcium score, electrocardiogram, blood pressure and blood cholesterol. This is one of the most accurate methods for identifying personal risk of heart disease. This can guide on whether statins are of benefit and if lifestyle changes are required.

Cardiologists over the world now recommend coronary calcium scoring for those who are over 40 and at intermediate risk, as one of the simplest methods for assessing current and future coronary risk.

VCL HeartScan CTCA.

VCL HeartScan CTCA

Safeguard your future from heart disease.

A VCL HeartScan CTCA is a highly specialised contrast-enhanced CT scan which shows the coronary arteries in high detail and will indicate whether there is any coronary atheroma.

This is important as coronary atheroma may lead onto angina, heart attack, or death and with appropriate interventions the risk of these can be significantly reduced.

VCL HeartScan FFR.

VCL HeartScan FFR

VCL have partnered up with HeartFlow to be able to offer FFRCT analysis using state-of-the-art data analysis following a coronary computed tomography (CT) scan hosted at one of the VCL sites, as recently advised by the NICE guidelines. This data is used to create a personalised 3D digital model of a patient’s coronary arteries.

The 3D model helps cardiologists assess the impact of a blockage on blood flow, enabling them to identify the best treatment option for the patient. The HeartFlow Analysis reduces the need for unnecessary and sometimes invasive tests, therefore doctors are able to diagnose coronary artery disease sooner.

VCL HeartScan FAI.

VCL HeartScan FAI

Latest research has shown that measuring the level of Fat Attenuation Index (FAI) is important and powerful determinant of future cardiovascular risk.

It is being increasingly recognised that heart attacks usually occur as a result of inflammation of the coronary arteries, this inflammation is measured using the CaRi-Heart analysis of the CT coronary angiogram.

VCL HeartScan AI.

VCL HeartScan AI

Capitalising on our unique position as a cardiac CT service delivered by a group of leading Cardiologists, VCL have been able to build early relationships with the foremost technology companies in this fast-moving field.

VCL offer the state-of-the-art coronary assessment package combining the clinical expertise of the overseeing cardiologist with either coronary flow (HeartFlow FFR CT), coronary inflammation (CaRi-Heart FAI), or both.

Our services.

VCL HeartScan services are available at our clinic and brand new CT scanning facility in the Surrey Research Park, Guildford. Our team of leading cardiologists work with advanced imaging techniques to produce detailed reconstructions of the heart and coronary arteries. These highly detailed scans usually avoid the need for further conventional invasive testing.

Our technology.

VCL Surrey uses the latest Canon Aquilion Prime CT scanner. Combining the latest scanner with our VCLoud network and the most up to date analytical tools (Heartflow FFRCT) means VCL Surrey can offer the best available scan quality at the lowest possible radiation dose, with rapid reporting by a faculty of leading cardiologists and cardiac radiologists.

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