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VCL is a new diagnostic imaging service specialising in the cardiovascular system which provides direct access to both clinicians and patients.

About VCL.

VCL (Virtual Cath Lab) is owned and operated by a group of cardiologists and radiologists that are passionate about providing access to the latest heart scan technology to diagnose and prevent heart disease – potentially many years before symptoms would otherwise develop.

Cardiologists are the clinicians that deal with heart attacks, so sadly are only too aware that in approximately half of patients the first symptom of their heart disease is either a heart attack or sudden death. Radiologists are the specialists that read the images obtained from CT scans

VCL operates software and cloud systems which facilitate booking, safety checklists, quality control and the operation of high quality scan services. VCL works in association with local cardiologists.

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Our team of experienced cardiologists, radiologists and managers have been offering cardiac services in Guildford for over 10 years via clinician-owned medical practices including The Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic, established 14 years ago, Dr Michael Hickman Ltd, established 10 years ago.

They have extensive research and clinical experience in all aspects of cardiology and have written multiple scientific papers published in national and international scientific journals on cardiac imaging over a 20-year period. They are dedicated to transforming the delivery of cardiovascular imaging and to increase capacity of these life-saving tests within the whole healthcare system.

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Director and CEO
Dr Edward Leatham Consultant Cardiologist

Medical Director
Dr Michael Hickman Consultant Cardiologist

Practice manager and company secretary
Mrs Rute Soares

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