The VCL Team offer a comprehensive range of MRI services using the latest generation Siemens MRI scanner. Our team of leading Radiologists and Cardiologists can offer an MRI of any body part and have a particular interest in offering scans to patients with pacemakers and ICDs.

VCL HeartScan MRI Services.

MRIs for patients with Pacemakers and ICDs.

VCL’s Pacemaker MRI service supports pacemaker patients throughout the UK who require an MRI where there is limited access to these important diagnostic tests due to limited availability.

MRIs can be done safely in patients with most pacemakers and defibrillators with the support and supervision of our expert team of pacemaker physiologists and cardiologists.

VCL HeartScan MRI Services.

Cardiac MRIs.

VCL’s team offer a comprehensive range of Cardiac MRIs that allow highly accurate assessment of heart structure, function and heart muscle tissue characteristics.

Cardiac MRI is the gold-standard test for many cardiac conditions and is frequently used for the assessment of patients with heart failure, arrhythmia, and coronary artery disease.

VCL can also offer cardiac MRIs to patients with pacemaker devices and implantable loop recorders, most types of pacemakers and defibrillators.

VCL HeartScan MRI Services.

MRIs for Cancer Care.

VCL can support your cancer care from diagnosis, through treatment, and subsequent surveillance.

Within the VCL faculty are leading Radiologists who specialise in cancer imaging. MRI images are available immediately to your referring clinician via our VCLoud network.

VCL HeartScan MRI Services.

Specialist Orthopaedic MRIs.

VCL work with some of the country’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and MSK Radiologists.

Our high-quality imaging, innovative technology, and VCLoud network enable your surgical team to review your scan data, manipulate images, and make all necessary 3D reconstructions to ensure that you receive the best possible advice and when required, surgical outcome.

MRI image access via our VCloud network.

Once complete, your MRI images will be reported and can be remotely accessed by your referring clinician via our VCLoud network for their review.

Our specialist MRI technologies.

We utilise the latest cutting edge MRI technologies, including:

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